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Monarch Club is currently searching for a Concierge. Following is a job description. Must be friendly, happy, and willing to go above and beyond for our members. Please apply to and choose "Join Our Team." Be sure to take the assessment when you complete the application.
The position of Concierge reports directly to the Club Operations Manager, but may often work directly with the Director of Activities. The Concierge will maintain order and continuity at the front desk and/or entrance facility and provide the persona and image to all entrants pursuant to the Trilogy philosophy. Your motto will be: "You only get one chance to make a First Impression." The Concierge is responsible for the development, organization, and coordination of any and every resident need while working the front desk. With communication, coordination, cooperation and sets the tone for residents and guest attitudes while visiting Trilogy.
Concierge reports directly to the Club Operations Manager.
Greeting Residents and Guests: The Concierge is responsible for welcoming residents and guests to Trilogy with a smile and verbal greeting consisting of more that a simple "hi". The Trilogy greeting will be complete with the Member Services Assistant standing when possible and practical, making eye contact, and smiling "Hello", "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", "Good Evening", "How is your day going?" or something more substantial than "hi".
Screening of Residents and Guests: The Concierge will ensure that all residents and guests are properly accessing the building. Residents and Guests are to use applicable identification badges or cards, or sign-in according to the community rules and regulations.
Phone Etiquette: The telephone should be answered using one of the following scenarios: 1. "___________ Clubhouse, this is ________________, how may I assist you?" or 2. "It's a new beginning at Trilogy, this is ______________, how may I assist you?"
Assisting Residents and Guests – Customer Service Is Always No. 1: The Concierge will provide the following services to the Residents and Guests: 1. Answer all residents' and prospective buyers' questions. 2. Orientation Sign-up (New Homeowner; Fitness: Learning: Cafà Events: etc.). 3. Resident Registration: Events; Activities, Including collection of funds as necessary; Computer; learning; Cafà Events; etc. 4. Assist with Business Center issues: copies; faxes; mailing; printing needs; mail; etc. 5. Issue Identification Cards to new residents and guests. 6. Lost and Found materials.
Physical Inventory Checklist: The Concierge is ultimately responsible for everyone's First Impression. A good first impression will be possible if the following tasks are observed: 1. Walk the Clubhouse and perform a general inspection and make a visual inventory of the furnishings. 2. Turn on the TV's, Muzak, and NTN. 3. Check lights to ensure all bulbs are working. 4. Check for cleanliness by inspecting for janitorial issues. 5. Throw away old papers, place new newspapers out in a prominent location (Cafà , Living Room, etc.). 6. Ensure that the phones through out the facility are in working order. 7. Turn on copiers and printers. 8. Turn on the Fireplace (seasonal). 9. Inventory merchandise for sale. 10. Inspect public viewing cases for dust and/or outdated displays, including bulletin boards.
Administrative Responsibilities: The Concierge will assist the Administrative Coordinator by performing the following duties: 1. Call all vendors as needed for warranty or repair needs. 2. Answering e-mail inquiries. 3. Answering the telephone by processing and distributing calls as necessary. 4. Produce reports on specific dates for such items as vacation watch, age verification, entry codes, etc. 5. Expedite orders for failed equipment and other such problems. 6. Track and record business center matters; numbers of copies, faxes etc. 7. Create spreadsheets. 8. Update 9. Create Event Flyers and brochures 10. Update community software regarding class schedules, room reservation, etc. 11. Process invoices as directed by the Executive Assistant or Community Manager. 12. Tend to petty cash matters. 13. Open, receipt and date stamp incoming mail daily. 14. General filing.
Personal Attributes
Interfaces with homeowners, customers and co-workers.
Productivity: great attendance, good work quality, positive contributor, works well in a team environment, strong people skills, and works well with others.
Innovation: assists in resolving situations and concerns.
Honesty: truthful, trustworthy, doing what is right and what needs to be done, is fair and objective, possesses integrity, and treats others with maturity.
Loyalty: committed to the goals of the organization, the nature of the business, respects the organization's efforts, defends the company name, and gives the best effort and sincerity.
Initiative: ability to think, work and make independent decisions based on sound judgment.
Demonstrates high level of proficiency in PC technology, Club Management System and all MS Office applications.
Excellent written and verbal skills.
Excellent time management, organizational and follow-up skills.
Ability to manage competing priorities and assignments.
Must be comfortable working in a fast paced environment where continuous improvement is expected.
Flexible and adaptable to rapid change.
Knowledge / Skills
Ability to work independently and manage priorities.
Familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Previous customer service experience preferred.
Experience in a continuous improvement environment a plus.
Possess a valid Drivers License.

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